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Category Cholesterol

Cholesterol Information: High cholesterol is the best known of all the many threats to a healthy heart. When excess amounts of this waxy, fat-like substance build up along the walls of the arteries, you face a dramatically higher risk of a complete blockage, leading to a heart attack or stroke. At normal levels, cholesterol is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it's an essential raw material used by the body to build cell walls and produce hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. The body produces its own supply of cholesterol in the liver, and it's found naturally in all animal products (such as meats, eggs, milk, and cheese). It poses a problem only when the body is unable to use or eliminate excessive supplies. You are generally considered at risk of heart disease if two or more of the following factors apply to you: * Cigarette smoking * High blood pressure * Low HDL cholesterol (below 40) * A family history of early heart disease (before 55 in a man, or 65 in a woman) * Your own age (over 45 if you're man, over 55 if you're a woman)
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Orlistat View Pricing
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Pravastatin Sodium View Pricing
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Rosuvastatin Calcium View Pricing
ROVATOR View Pricing
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SIMCARD View Pricing
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Simvastatin View Pricing
SIMVOFIX View Pricing
STANLIP View Pricing
STARSTAT View Pricing
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