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Category Contraceptive

Contraceptive Information: A pill containing hormones (or their analogues) that prevent conception. Contraceptive pills containing steroids are sometimes taken by female athletes to control the menstrual cycle so that menses does not coincide with an important competition. However, these pills are not popular among most endurance athletes because they can cause nausea, weight increases, and lower maximal oxygen consumption. See also menstrual adjustment.
increases, However, A control that to with pill these pills coincide so are that an they containing oxygen consumption. the conception. does important athletes not weight cause cycle are can their because by adjustment. competition. taken athletes prevent not menses female also menstrual endurance pills and lower sometimes maximal See containing (or hormones steroids analogues) among Contraceptive most popular nausea, menstrual

Brand names in category Contraceptive:
Anastrozole View Pricing
Cerazette View Pricing
Cyclo-Progynova View Pricing
DEVIRY View Pricing
Diane 35 View Pricing
Diane-35 View Pricing
Estelle View Pricing
GINETTE View Pricing
Marvelon View Pricing
Microgynon View Pricing
MODUS View Pricing
Nasacort View Pricing
Nordette View Pricing
OVRAL-L View Pricing
PILL 72 View Pricing
Primolut View Pricing
Triphasil View Pricing
TRIQUILAR View Pricing

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