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Category Migraine

Migraine Information: Migraine headaches typically affect one side of the head. They can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Some people have them weekly, others have fewer than one a year. Migraines usually begin sometime between the teen years and the age of 40, and can be classified as either ""classic'' or ""common.'' At the onset of a migraine, the blood vessels in your head first shrink, then swell, causing pain. Tension, bright lights, loud noises, strong smells, weather changes, fatigue, missed meals, and emotional upset all may trigger a migraine. The headaches may also be brought on by many common foods and beverages, including lunch meat, hot dogs, alcohol, beans, coffee or tea, cheese, chocolate, nuts, pickles, raisins, and canned soup. Artificial sweeteners can trigger a migraine. Many women get the headaches before or during their monthly period. There are a number of prescription medications for migraine. They tend to work better if you take the medicine as soon as your headache starts. Discuss these and other methods of preventing migraines with your doctor.
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Brand names in category Migraine:
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Ansaid View Pricing
ARKAMIN View Pricing
Atenolol View Pricing
BELOC ZOK View Pricing
Cafergot View Pricing
Cardinal View Pricing
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CIPLAR View Pricing
Cipril View Pricing
DEPAKOTE View Pricing
Dideral View Pricing
Dimenhydrinate View Pricing
DIVAA View Pricing
Divalproex Sodium View Pricing
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Flunarizine View Pricing
Imigran View Pricing
Imitrex View Pricing
INDERAL View Pricing
Logical View Pricing
Lopressor View Pricing
Maxalt View Pricing
Metoclopramide View Pricing
Metoprolol View Pricing
Naramig View Pricing
Nortan View Pricing
Propranolol View Pricing
Relpax View Pricing
Rizact View Pricing
Rizatriptan View Pricing
Sodium Valproate View Pricing
Sumatriptan View Pricing
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SUMITREX View Pricing
TOPAMAX View Pricing
Topiramate View Pricing
VAGIFEM View Pricing
Valproic Acid View Pricing
Zomig View Pricing

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